Digital Storage Unit (DSU)

The DSU-SC04 series is designed to replace magnetic tape based storage system used with NEC NEAX61E model. The unit comes with internal 2 of 8-GB (minimum) SD cards, color touch-screen TFT LCD, memory slot for data transfer, Ethernet and modem interface for remote access. With rich features and low cost, the unit is the excellent solution for extending life of NEAX based PSTN.

Key Performance
The unit uses powerful ARM9 technology for the core engine running Linux at 400 MHz. The Xilinx high performance FPGA holds NEAX61E cartridge protocol. Plus with pre-compression data feature saves a lot of time in file a transfer.


  • Storage
    - DSU comes with 2 internal SD cards (for redundancy), the default capacity is 8 GB (more capacity is optional)
  • Operations
    - Selectable mounted file, works as same as changing tape
    - Automatically create new file when manual data dump is operated
  • NEAX61E interface
    - 50-pin 2.54mm IDC connector for NEC NEAX61E
  • Power supply
    - Standard 6-pin -48VDC connector, the same with existing cartridge tape unit power connector, 220VAC power also supported with a 12VDC adaptor
  • In-field access
    - 1 front panel USB slot for flash drives and 1 SD card slot, allow file transfers between external media and system.
    - Touch-screen 320*240-pixel TFT LCD, make it easy for manual operation
    - 5 direction keys on front panel
    - 2 RS232 serial ports, one for administrative maintenance and one for in-field access
  • Remote access
    - 1 RJ11 V.92 modem interface, provides remote accessibility via telephone line (optional)
    - 1 RJ45 10/100Mb Ethernet interface, provides web server and SNMP (version 3) for remote access via internet
  • Miscellaneous
    - JAVA graphic based software for access with serial port or modem
    - Data compression on the transfer, save a lot of time with remain reliability
  • Graphical User Interface
    - DSU-SC04 is designed with user-friendly GUI.


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